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Apr 13, 2021

 How often should you be deploying your software to production?  Welcome to architect tips. I am Jeffrey Palermo. Today we are going to talk about how often to deploy to production. If you have a question for architect tips, send it to From those submitted, we’ll pick a question and, if I can put it into a short five-minute bite-sized chunk, I’ll do it. Otherwise, I will just send you an email and I will answer it for you. How often should you deploy to production?
- Pace of business - Pace of testing - Pace of development - Every branch - Size of a branch - How to know if we are ok to deploy? - DevOps questions o Share with team  Build?  Mix with other code?  Deploy, start up and function? o Share with stakeholders o Share with customers And as always, if you need any architecture help, clear measure, we are a software architecture company. We exist to help you move fast. You deliver quality, you run with confidence, you can do more internally so that you and your team is performing at another level, and you're more capable and you're delivering for your customers and delivering for your company, which is fantastic. So, thank you so much. And until the next time.